Chinese Zodiac Animal Popularity Explained

Traditionally the Chinese zodiac is utilized as a tool to gain a more insightful picture of a person. The Chinese zodiac is divided into twelve parts, each labeled with the name of an animal influencing the personality, events and general fortune of one’s life. According to Chinese astrology then, these animals represent how you present and conduct yourself and thus how others perceive and value you.

In the system of Chinese astrology Four Pillars are assigned to you, corresponding to animals representing the year, the month, the day and the hour you were born. This gives you a total of four animal signs that foretell detailed information: the animal corresponding to the year represents information about your family’s background and social standing, the month unveils details about your childhood, the day represents information about your adult and married life, and finally the hour discloses information about your true nature. Therefore, even though a person might appear to mainly have all the attributes of a zodiac animal, he or she will have the characteristics of three more zodiac animals overlapping and interacting with each other to give a complete picture of that person’s life and personality. preethi zodiac mg 218

To make things even more interesting, each Chinese zodiac animal also posses characteristics dictated by the concept of yin-yang and the so-called Five Element theory. The yin and the yang are complementary and interconnected forces that dynamically diminish and augment each other constantly; they cannot exist without the other. Each zodiac animal is given either one of these forces. The five element theory include wood, fire, earth, metal and water as its basis. This theory is a traditional Chinese scheme utilized to explain a wide array of phenomena, including personal human traits and behavior. A single one of these five elements is assigned to a zodiac animal to give it even more significance.

The interaction, interpolation and relationship between a person’s corresponding Four Pillars, Yin-Yang and elements shape his personality, life and future. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that all of this information is utilized in a system to find the most suitable partner for someone’s life. This system draws on all the interactions between the animals, forces and elements to find out a perfect match.

Understandably, the Chinese zodiac is a very popular jewelry theme. People likes to have a token that identifies and defines them, where the zodiac animals are perfect for the task. Some people just tend to pick a piece of Chinese zodiac jewelry that they think will help with a personal problem or need: for example the rat or rabbit are popular with financial help since they are said to be the luckiest of all of the twelve and either the rabbit or pig are family oriented and sweet, useful for some when those are the characteristics they would want in their partner. Some just seem to favor the animal signs that are perceived as the strongest and coolest of the twelve: the dragon and the tiger. These two Chinese zodiac animals happen to be the best-selling of all the animal signs as far as silver jewelry is concerned.


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